San Antonio Bribery Attorney

San Antonio Bribery Attorney

If you have been arrested or charged with bribery in Texas, seeking legal help from an experienced Texas bribery lawyer can make all the difference in your case. Bribery is a felony offense that is illegal under both state and federal law. Bribery charges can result from either the acceptance of a bribe or an attempt to bribe someone else. If you have been accused of bribery you should retain a Texas bribery lawyer immediately.  

Federal laws impose a blanket ban on bribery and graft involving public officials. Bribery is giving or offering something of value, or receiving or soliciting something of value, with the purpose of gaining an illegal advantage. Key questions in bribery cases are (1) whether the official is a present or future “public official” within the meaning of the statute; (2) whether the benefit was given, offered, or promised to the public official or demanded, received, or accepted by the public official; (3) whether the benefit was a “thing of value” under the law; (4) whether the gift, offer, or promise was made with corrupt intent to influence an official act.

 Federal sentencing is different than state sentencing. The United States District Judge will apply the United States Sentencing Guidelines. The Sentencing Guidelines are a complex maze of regulations that determine a potential sentence. The Major Law Firm has the experience to exploit any opportunities for a downward departure or variance, which would result in a lower sentence than what the guidelines or prosecutor recommends. The Sentencing Guidelines are advisory, thus the federal bribery lawyer at The Major Law Firm can advocate for the lowest possible sentences. The Major Law Firm has had success making motions for downward departures and variances. At sentencing the United States District Judge will consider the factors contained in 18 U.S.C. § 3553(a). 

The federal bribery and gratuity statute prohibits bribing a public official and giving of illegal gratuity to public officials. The statute,18 U.S.C. § 201, punishes public officials who accept bribes or illegal gratuities and those who intend to influence public officials with bribes or illegal gratuities. To determine whether a benefit is considered a bribe or an illegal gratuity, Courts look at the individual’s intent when conveying the benefit. Under the law, bribery requires proof of intent while illegal gratuity does not. The Major Law Firm vigorously defends companies and individuals in criminal cases. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Attorney’s Office, as well as state and local law enforcement agencies, have dedicated resources to prosecute bribery offenses. These resources include investigators and prosecutors who specialize in handling bribery cases. To combat these charges, you need the experienced bribery attorney at The Major Law Firm. 

Possible defenses to bribery and illegal gratuity charges include entrapment, duress, and due process. Bribery is an offense punishable by up to 15 years of imprisonment. Therefore, it is important to call The Major Law Firm today.

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