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San Antonio Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

It only takes a split second for a catastrophic injury to change someone’s life forever. People who experience a catastrophic injury take years to recover. Catastrophic injury victims live with disabilities for the rest of their life. These injuries put serious stress on the victim’s family because the injured may need constant supervision or assistance for the rest their lives. When you are hurt by someone’s negligence, the San Antonio catastrophic injury attorneys at The Major Law Firm are on your side. Catastrophic injuries are a major problem and major problems require major solutions. 

If you have sustained catastrophic injuries or lost a close family member contact The Major Law Firm, attorneys at law in San Antonio, Texas. A catastrophic injury is an injury that affects your daily life. Catastrophic injuries include:

• Spinal cord injuries     
• Traumatic brain injuries  
• Broken, crushed, fractured or shattered bones     
• Amputations    
• Hearing loss    
• Severe burns or facial scarring     
• Fatal injuries 

Consult with a San Antonio personal injury attorney with The Major Law Firm today to determine who may be liable for your injuries. A personal injury lawsuit has the potential to result in greater compensation. The types of compensation available in a personal injury lawsuit include:     

• Compensation for hospital costs     
• Compensation for occupational therapy  
• Lost wages    
• Future earning and lost earnings    
• Past medical bills and future medical costs    
• Disfigurement
• Loss of consortium  

The Major Law Firm’s catastrophic injury attorneys will employ a team of experts such as economists, accident reconstructionists, biomechanical engineers, vocational rehabilitation experts, and life care planners in order to obtain maximum results for our clients. These experts work with our attorneys to evaluate the cost of long term medic also that the jury understands how much compensation is required for your “new” normal.  

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury because of someone’s negligence, then The Major Law Firm stands ready to file a lawsuit on your behalf. Any person who acts negligently can be held liable for a catastrophic injury. This includes an employer, company, individual, or another party that may be liable. Possible causes of catastrophic injuries are: 

• Car accidents     
• Truck accidents      
• Motorcycle accidents   
• Medical malpractice    
• Nursing home neglect    
• Sexual abuse    
• Product liability    
• Premises liability    

• Aviation disasters 

If you or a family member has suffered due to a serious catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death, The Major Law Firm can help. A catastrophic injury impacts the survivor and their entire family. Family members may be forced to quit their jobs and become full-time caregivers. When a family member cannot quit their job, they will need to make enough money to hire a caretaker. To ensure you get the compensation that you deserve, you should call a San Antonio personal injury attorney. The Major Law Firm aggressively fights for the maximum compensation for all of our clients. If you have been injured, it is important to contact The Major Law Firm to help with your injury claim.  

The Major Law Firm can get to work immediately to start preserving evidence and handling the insurance companies. Our firm is available 24/7, nights and weekends to review your case. 

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