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In 2019 there were 2.9 million recalled products. Consumer goods improve our everyday lives. From our homes to our jobs, we are surrounded by consumer goods. When consumers buy a product they expect it to work. When these goods fail, the results can be catastrophic. Millions of products are introduced into the flow of commerce each year. Unfortunately, because companies put profit over people products can be defective and injure customers. Defective products are a major problem and major problems require major solutions.  If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, contact a defective product attorney at The Major Law Firm today. The Major Law Firm has the resources and legal network necessary to take on large manufacturers and corporations.  Consult with a personal injury lawyer today to determine who may be liable for your injuries.
Personal injury lawsuits are filed against the manufacturer or retailer of a product by a person injured while using the product. A personal injury lawsuit has the potential to result in compensation for your injuries. The types of compensation available in a personal injury lawsuit include pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, lost enjoyment of life, legal fees, and loss of consortium.  Products liability laws define the legal responsibility of sellers and other commercial suppliers of products for damages resulting from product defects and misrepresentations about a product’s safety or performance capabilities. The three types of product liability defects are: 

• Design defects
• Manufacturing defects     
• Warning defects 

Manufacturing defects are defined as production flaws a manufacturer does not intend. Design defects are defined as undue risks that a safety device or other design alternative reasonably would prevent the harm. Warning defects occur when a manufacturer of a product fails to include sufficient warnings for the product. A product is defective if the manufacturer fails to provide adequate information about its hidden dangers (warnings) and, if not evident, how to avoid them (instructions). If a hazard is substantial, the law may require that the warning be placed directly on the product rather than in product literature that may become separated from the product.
Common defective products are: 

· Car seats
· Automotive defects
· Household appliances such as humidifiers and heaters
· Riding lawn mowers
· Golf carts
· Household power tools   

A central issue in both products liability lawsuit is classifying the product as “excessively” or “unduly” hazardous, “unreasonably” dangerous, or “defective.” The Major Law Firm’s personal injury attorneys are knowledgeable on the complexities of products liability law, negligence, and manufacturing operations. Consult with The Major Law Firm today to discuss your options.  If you or a loved one has been injured do not leave your case in the hands of a corporation or manufacturer. The Major Law Firm will fight for you to get you the medical care and compensation you deserve. As a San Antonio personal injury lawyer, we initiate your case and start collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses, expert witnesses, and consulting with accident reconstructionist. The Major Law Firm is available 24/7, nights and weekends to review your case.

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