What Are Your Rights As A Passenger In A Car Accident In Texas?

What Are Your Rights As A Passenger In A Car Accident In Texas?

Abasi Major
June 5, 2023

Texas has a transportation code that provides the rules and regulations for drivers and passengers in motor vehicles.

This code outlines the obligations of drivers and passengers, as well as what to do after an accident occurs.

As outlined by the Texas Transportation Code, those involved in a car accident need to understand their rights.

Knowledge of these rights can help ensure individuals receive the proper compensation they are entitled to following an accident.

In this article, we will discuss the specific rights of passengers involved in car accidents in Texas. If you or someone you know has recently suffered a car accident, contact a San Antonio auto accident attorney.

Understanding the Texas Transportation Code

Examining the Texas Transportation Code can provide insight into legal obligations applicable to those involved in motor vehicle collisions.

According to the code, all drivers must maintain financial responsibility for any damages that arise from a car accident. This means that if a driver is found liable for an accident, they must have valid insurance coverage or be able to pay out of pocket for any damages caused by the collision.

The Texas Transportation Code also explains what duties are expected of passengers in a car accident. Passengers are not liable for damages caused by the crash. Still, they are obligated to cooperate with authorities in determining who is at fault and assist with gathering evidence such as photos, witness statements, etc.

Additionally, passengers must report any injuries sustained during the accident immediately after it occurs and follow medical advice regarding treatments or further tests if instructed by medical professionals.

Obligations of Drivers and Passengers

In the context of a motor vehicle incident in Texas, this section outlines the obligations of drivers and riders. All parties involved in a car accident must do their part to ensure that those injured are taken care of properly:

1. Drivers have the responsibility to:

- provide contact information, such as name, address, and insurance details

- follow all applicable traffic laws

- refrain from fleeing the scene

- take reasonable steps to assist any injured parties.

2. Passengers must:

- comply with all legal requirements, such as wearing seat belts or providing identification when requested by law enforcement officers

- have a duty to report any facts or evidence related to an accident to authorities when asked.

3. Both drivers and passengers have a responsibility to:

- render aid if feasible and safe under the circumstances—this means helping anyone who has been hurt due to an incident on the road

- call emergency services immediately if needed.

Overall, everyone involved in a car accident in Texas needs to be aware of their rights and obligations so they can act accordingly when facing these situations.

What To Do After an Accident

After an incident involving a motor vehicle, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that those involved are taken care of properly.

In Texas, all drivers and passengers are legally obligated to protect themselves and other individuals involved in the accident.

After an accident occurs, the first step is to call 911 or your local police department and report the incident.

The responding officer can assess the scene, document any injuries sustained by those involved, and take statements from those present.

Additionally, all parties should exchange insurance information with each other if possible.

Suppose medical attention is needed due to injury or illness related to the accident. In that case, individuals should seek emergency medical care as soon as possible after leaving the crash scene.

Victims must also document their account of what happened in writing as soon as possible.

If witnesses were present during the accident, they, too, should be documented for potential later use in court proceedings if necessary.

Finally, individuals should contact their insurance provider as soon as they can so that damages incurred can be reported accurately and efficiently handled by both parties' insurers per Texas state law governing car accidents.


Passengers in a car accident in Texas have certain rights and responsibilities under the state's laws.

The Texas Transportation Code outlines how drivers and passengers must act and behave when involved in an accident.

Drivers must take reasonable steps to ensure their safety, the safety of their passengers, and any other parties involved.

Passengers may be responsible for protecting themselves by wearing appropriate safety restraints or ensuring they are clear of any debris or hazards from the accident scene.

After an accident, it is important to seek medical attention and contact law enforcement if necessary.

Passengers should also document any evidence from the scene, such as witness information or photographs, that could help determine who is at fault for causing the accident.

Understanding these rights can help individuals make informed decisions after being involved in a car accident in Texas.

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