Who Pays The Medical Bills After A Car Accident In Texas?

Who Pays The Medical Bills After A Car Accident In Texas?

Abasi Major
June 5, 2023

Car accidents are a common occurrence in Texas, and the medical bills that come as a result can be expensive.

Understanding who pays for these medical bills is important for those involved in car accidents in Texas.

This article will discuss the types of insurance coverage available to cover the cost of medical bills after an accident, as well as the severity of the accident and how it affects costs.

Finally, this article will provide an overview of how to understand best what needs to be paid and by whom when it comes to medical bills after a car accident in Texas.

Types of Insurance Coverage

In Texas, types of insurance coverage determine which party is liable for costs associated with a vehicular incident.

At the minimum level, most drivers in Texas carry liability insurance, which covers damages caused to another person or property up to the policy's limits.

A driver who doesn't have liability insurance must pay for any damages they cause in an accident out of their own pocket.

Suppose a driver has more than the minimum coverage. In that case, they may be able to access additional benefits such as medical payments and uninsured motorist coverage.

Medical payment coverage pays for reasonable medical expenses related to injuries sustained in an accident, regardless of fault or negligence.

Uninsured motorist coverage helps cover medical bills if an at-fault driver does not have liability insurance.

In these cases, all parties involved must provide valid proof of auto insurance when requested by the police or other authorities following the incident.

Severity of Accident

The severity of the incident may have an impact on which entity is responsible for covering any associated costs. In some cases, the at-fault party's insurance company may cover the medical bills from a car accident. This is true even if there wasn't insurance policy in place prior to the accident. However, we must be aware of the certain limits that must be adhered to for this coverage to apply.

The amount of damages and other factors, such as fault determination, will also be considered when determining who pays the medical bills after a car accident in Texas.

In more serious incidents, such as catastrophic or fatal crashes, additional forms of coverage may come into play. For example, if a person dies as a result of a crash involving another vehicle, then the deceased's estate or surviving family members may pursue compensation through wrongful death lawsuits against the liable party or their insurance provider. Similarly, uninsured motorist claims can also be used to cover medical expenses and other damages resulting from an accident with an uninsured driver.

Ultimately, each case must be evaluated on its own merits to determine who pays for medical expenses after a car accident in Texas.

Understanding the Costs

Understanding associated costs is essential for determining who is responsible for covering them in the event of a car accident.

When it comes to medical bills after a car accident in Texas, several factors come into play:

  • The severity of the accident and resulting injuries
  • The type of insurance policies involved (i.e., health, auto liability)
  • Deductible amounts and coverage limits
  • Applicable laws (state or federal) regarding payment responsibility
  • Any applicable no-fault laws or personal injury protection (PIP) benefits available

The amount owed and who pays it will depend on various details related to all of these factors.

For instance, if the driver has sufficient health insurance coverage, their policy may cover some or all of the medical expenses incurred from an accident.

Also, suppose one party is deemed at fault under applicable law, and they have auto liability insurance with adequate protection limits. In that case, their policy may bear responsibility for any remaining medical bills not covered by other sources.

In cases where both parties do not have sufficient insurance coverage, they may be held personally liable for any unpaid medical bills resulting from an at-fault incident.

When it comes to the applicable laws, always consult a auto accident attorney if you aren't sure about your situation.


In conclusion, the question of who pays for medical bills after a car accident in Texas depends on several factors.

Not only does the accident's severity play a role, but also the type of insurance coverage each driver carries.

In some cases, an injured party may be eligible for certain compensation to help cover medical expenses, depending on their circumstances.

Ultimately, it is important for drivers to understand how their insurance policies will protect them in case of an accident and to ensure they have adequate coverage before taking to the road.

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